5 Facts About The Flu Virus (Influenza)

#1 – Flu a.k.a. Influenza: The Origin

The flu virus was named “influenza” in the 15th century Italy, that translates to “influence” in English. It denotes the power influence, in terms of astrological predictions by taking signs from the planets, stars and moon. The first recorded widespread of influenza was in Spain which had created a worldwide epidemic and taken millions of lives. Unfortunately, flu shot was not available back in those days.

#2 – Flu Seasons in Singapore

There are 2 flu seasons in Singapore, usually falls around June and December. More people are usually infected by flu virus around these peak periods. Coincidentally, the flu seasons happened to be falling around the same calendar months as the school holidays — in June and December. If you intend to travel and enjoy your holiday during these period, practice good personal hygiene by washing your hands frequently and go for vaccination annually to enhance your body’s immunity against influenza.

#3 – Mode of Transmission

The flu virus transmit itself through the air via droplets from person to person. When someone coughs, sneezes or talks, small particles may be excreted from the infected individual and passes the virus along to anyone around. So, don on a face mask if you are feeling unwell to avoid spreading the virus to others and protect yourself from cross infection.

#4 – Lifespan of Flu Virus: Out of Body

The flu virus can survive on hard surfaces for up to 48 hours and it can travel from country to country via all the mode of transport — land, sea and air. Practice good personal hygiene and strengthening your immunity goes a long way to protect yourself against infectious diseases.

#5 – Influenza mutates itself over time

The flu virus evolves itself and changes its genes as they replicate. It is recommended to vaccinate against flu every year to update your body’s “anti-virus” immunity as the flu shot that you received last year may not be effective in protecting you against current year’s influenza strain.

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

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